Luxury property development to be bulldozed after it failed ‘because of Brexit’

Five luxury houses in Dorset are given the green light to be knocked down and replaced with an apartment block after failing to sell.

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Neighbours rarely enjoy property developments next door to their homes but on this occasion their fury is justified.

Alex Collier, a Dorset property developer, has won permission to bulldoze five new luxury houses (pictured, above) in Branksome Park, Poole worth £1.3million each and replace them with 30 flats with an asking price of £450,000 each, claiming that Brexit ‘put off potential buyers’.

Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council approved his plan despite 100 residents’ objections slamming the ‘wasteful, obnoxious and ludicrous decision’.


Adrian Wardlow, Chairman, Branksome Park Residents Association, said: “We’ve received so many complaints about this application.

“Only the developer and the planning committee seem to think it’s appropriate. It’s an incredible decision. The Brexit excuse is laughable and treating us with absolute contempt.

“The original homes were obnoxious and overpriced. It is obvious that they would never sell at the asking prices. The planning committee seems to have decided to help the developer get himself out of a hole by knocking them down.

“Given the oft-trumpeted ‘green’ aims and intentions of the Council, we are absolutely astounded by the decision to approve the property development.”

The plot of land contained two old bungalows when Mr Collier bought it for around £1.6m in 2012. Building costs were estimated at £3m for the property development to build five modern properties.

Under the newly approved plans, a large block containing 8 two-bedroom and 22 three-bedroom flats will be built in their place, with underground parking for 41 cars.

It is thought it will cost about £5m to build the five-storey block. Still, at a likely average of £500,000 per flat that’s quite a return on investment.

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