Mio and Veya team up to speed up sales and reduce property fall throughs

The partnership will allow issues to be resolved and addressed at the earliest possible stage by quickly identifying any risks that may impact the successful sale of a property.

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Sales progression platform Mio has launched the next addition to its management hub with the introduction of the Veya Land Registry title analysis solution to help speed-up sales and reduce fall-throughs for estate agents and their clients.

Through the Mio sales management hub agents can view a simple-to-read conveyancing complexity score as part of the Mio Sellers Information Pack (SIP).

Also, by ordering a full title check report, that can be shared with conveyancers at the point of instruction, issues can be resolved and addressed at the earliest possible stage, reducing the risk of fall throughs.


Veya helps agents to quickly identify any risks that may impact the successful sale of a property and by viewing verified title data at the point of instruction, uncovers information like an unregistered title, restrictions, or charges that traditionally result in fall throughs after a sale is agreed.

John McAuley, chief executive of Veya, says: “Our mission has always been to help improve the customer journey in the property transaction process.

“Helping estate agents by providing crucial upfront information from the register through mio’s platform can only be a positive step forward in making the home-moving process easier.”


Jon Horton, Product Director of Mio and TM Group, adds: “As we work to help streamline the property transaction these products are vital in helping agents achieving this.

John Horton, mio and tmgroup
John Horton, mio and tmgroup

“We know by using material information upfront and getting conveyancers instructed from the outset, the property transaction will be quicker and more efficient.

Veya allows vital information to be viewed by an agent, as well as the seller and buyer, right at the beginning or the transaction. On top of this, agents can share the report with a conveyancer and work collaboratively with them on ensuring there is a successful property completion.”

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