Conveyancing names disappear after big corporate’s reshuffle

Canadian software giant, which had a bid to buy the TM Group blocked earlier this year, has moved all of its brand names under one roof.


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Canadian software giant Dye & Durham, which provides cloud-based software for legal and business professionals, has moved all of its brand names under one roof.

The company has accumulated a swathe of different brands through numerous acquisitions including the likes of Poweredbypie, Easy Convey, Terrafirma, Future Climate Info and Lawyer Checker.


Now they have all been streamlined under the master Dye & Durham brand.

The company says will result in a “simplified, consistent customer experience making it even easier for clients to access new products and services” with the business focused on helping customers fuel growth and cut inefficiencies.

The UK represents a vast pool of industry knowledge and expertise.”

Wojtek Dabrowski, Dye & Durham’s Chief Communications Officer, says: “Our portfolio in the UK represents a vast pool of industry knowledge and expertise, matched by a keen understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced by our customers.

“Our teams are working on shaping the future of workflow technology and we look forward to partnering even more closely with business and legal professionals to help them achieve more growth with less effort.”


Dye & Durham’s platforms started the transition to the master brand earlier this week. But while the front end will look different the back end will remain largely unchanged and retain existing functionality.

Earlier this year The Neg revealed that the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) ordered Dye & Durham to sell of property search company TM Group including its software app Mio on the grounds that its merger into the firm “substantially lessens competition”.

Had that merger been completed it is thought those brands would now be operating under the Dye & Durham brand now too.

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