In Pictures: Norfolk estate agency’s ‘model’ property listing

Unusual request by vendors leads to Sheringham branch of Arnold Keys to set up model village in its branch with a view to a sale.

As estate agency publicity wheezes go, selling a model village via your estate agency is one of the better ideas, guaranteed to grab attention and raise eyebrows among amused potential customers.

It’s something that Norfolk estate agency Arnold Keys has grabbed by the horns after being tasked with selling a complete model village owned by an elderly vendor who couldn’t it within his next home.

The large structure has now been set up in the company’s Sheringham high street branch complete with a mini church, pub, farm and a working model train and, of course, a house with a mini Arnold Keys For Sale sign outside its front gate.

Quirkiest property

Clive Hedges (below), who has worked in estate agency for 45 years, says the model village is not the quirkiest property he has sold during his long career.

He also famously sold a dolls house as well as Norfolk’s smallest property and a police station.

“We were asked to go and value a house by a gentleman who wanted to downsize to a flat and when he said he was going to dispose of the model village as he wouldn’t have space, I just couldn’t let that happen,” he told local media.

The owner of the model village has agreed to donate its full sale price to local charity Nelson’s Journey, which support bereaved children and young people and is the official charity of the seven-branch estate agency.


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