Plans for digital Sales Information Packs scheme boosted by ‘levelling up’

RBLA says its members are pleased that Michael Gove included property logbooks in his plans to 'level up' the home buying process.

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The Residential Logbook Association (RLBA) has welcomed the government’s plans to introduce home buyer information packs to prevent sales falling through.

This week’s Levelling Up White Paper included a promise to work with industry, “to ensure the critical material information buyers need to know – like tenure type, lease length and any service charges – are available digitally wherever possible from trusted and authenticated sources, and provided only once”.

The RBLA says the proposed Sales Information Pack (SIP) can be produced as a simple output from an RLBA-accredited property logbook and set up before the sale process has started, to help speed up the homebuying and selling process.

Where logbooks haven’t yet been set up, a vendor will be able to put together a SIP via estate agent and portal websites and CRMs.

It believes logbooks will become the primary source for the packs, as the data required to complete them is part of the wider data set included in the RLBA data specification.

Machine readable

Members are working to ensure logbooks can output SIPs that conform to a variety of data formats including the BASPI and the Law Society protocol forms, and support the rapid move away from ‘forms’ towards structured, machine-readable data.

The trade association believes that dissemination of the data in a SIP will become increasingly seamless as members integrate their logbooks with estate agent and conveyancer CRMs.

Link to Stamp Duty featureAnthony Codling, MD of Logbook company Twindig, says: “Property logbooks are much more than a Sales Information Pack, serving as both a user manual and service logbook, allowing a homeowner to efficiently manage and run their home throughout the whole period of their ownership, not just when they are looking to make the selling process easier.”

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