Poll: 40% of agents believe up to quarter of industry will become self-employed

Online survey by leading figure within the emerging self-employed sector suggests growing desire to escape traditional employed model.

A poll of agents has revealed how far acceptance of the self-employed model has spread within the sector.

Conducted by blogger and eXp UK agent Ben Moore (main pic), it reveals that while a third of agents think fewer than 10% of the 60-70,000 people who work in agency will move over to the ‘go it alone’ self-employed model, over 40% believe it will one day capture up to a quarter and 12% said up to half of the industry will one day work for themselves.

estate agents scott gunnThe poll was conducted for a podcast recorded by Moore and fellow eXp agent Scott Gunn (pictured, left), who for 13 worked as a high street agent in Kent including a long stretch for Miles & Barr, where he was one of the company’s most successful listers in his early 20s and later owned one of its franchises.

The pair recorded the podcast following recent comments by competitor Russell Quirk, who holds a Keller Williams territory, that self-employment only suits one in five of the estate agency workforce – the rest not being up for the challenges of running their own business, preferring the security of employment with a traditional agency.

Fierce debate

Moore says: “While the growth of certain partnership models is undeniable; the longevity of such frameworks remains a topic of fierce debate amongst the wider industry.”

Gunn says during the podcast that when he looks at branches with four or five people working in them, there is always one superstar who probably go on to start up their own business, but will the rest stay in employed, traditional agency?

“Being a self-employed agent has been around for a while, but the barriers to entry into this model of selling and renting homes have been brought down, and the commissions now available have made it more appetising,” says Moore.

Listen to their podcast.

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