Leaked sales data from Purplebricks in Oz suggests it was 70% off target in June

The parlous state of the Australian property market is making it difficult for Purplebricks to make headway in house sales sector.


The Negotiator has been shown documents from inside Purplebricks’ Australian operation that shine a light on how far its sales teams have been behind their targets recently.

Speculation within the Australian media has been rife in recent months, highlighting how the company may be having difficulties making headway as the Oz property market hits a rough patch.

The listings achieved chart shown to us suggest that in June its territory managers achieved as low as 18% of their monthly listing target, and at best 46%.

Property sales fared better in June, the figures reveal, but still didn’t hit target. In South Australia Purplebricks achieved 64% of its sale target and 50% in Queensland, although Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales didn’t do so well.

Trustpilot targets

The document also reveals that Purplebricks’ teams are measured by the number of Trustpilot reviews lodged by customers, including targets to reach every month, indicating the review site is much more part of its business model than previously thought.

These figures follow a story in the Australian Financial Review (AFR) newspaper yesterday detailing the largely unflattering experiences of a former Purplebricks employee.

The company’s Australian CEO Ryan Dinsdale last night circulated a memo to staff in Oz highlighting his displeasure at the coverage, saying: “You may have seen that the AFR have published another article today.

“Despite having a right to respond to such content we were sadly not given any opportunity by the AFR and the article was printed without any balanced, factual comment from Purplebricks.

“In any event, what is clear to me is this article simply highlights that there are a small number of former agents who don’t share our values as a business.

“While it might suit the agenda of some of those who have left the business to be critical of our model, as you all know, it also comes down to personal and professional accountability as a professional agent.”


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