Biggest property reforms in decades to be lost after election date named

Rishi Sunak's decision to call a snap General Election means the Renters (Reform) Bill has been dropped.

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It seems unbelievable after all the months of heated debated about the Renters (Reform) Bill, but the key rental property legislation is now likely to be dropped ahead of the General Election.

That’s because there may not be enough time to get the bill through Parliament before the country goes to the polls on 4 July as Parliament is due to close for campaigning next week.

The Leasehold and Freehold Reform Bill, also in doubt after the election announcement, has just made it into law by the skin of its teeth.

End hopes

Both bills had passed through the House of Commons and are currently progressing in the Lords.

But Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s (main picture) surprise decision to call a snap election could end hopes of the biggest reform of the rental property sector in decades.

The Conservatives and Labour will negotiate on which bills will be passed in what is called the ‘wash-up’ before Parliament is ‘prorogued’ today and dissolved next Thursday.

It is unknown whether Labour, if victorious at the election, would revive the bill, although it has said S21 abolition would be a priority.

Day one
Angela Rayner MP

Deputy Leader Angela Rayner said last year that the party would ban ‘no fault’ evictions on day one of a Labour government, and perhaps that leaves the door open for that part of the bill to go through.

Some of the most controversial bills like the Renters (Reform) Bill may run into difficulties.”

Dr Ruth Fox - Hansard Society
Dr Ruth Fox, Director, Hansard Society

Dr Ruth Fox, Director at the Hansard Society, told BBC 5 Live Radio that the Renters (Reform) Bill could be lost.

“Some of the most controversial bills like the Renters (Reform) Bill may run into difficulties.

“It depends on what the Opposition allows to go onto the statute book,” she said.

“The Government has to accept it loses the whole bill, or at least some of the controversial elements taken out.”

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