RICS promises to tighten up home survey ‘malpractice’

Standards & Regulation Board says where dodgy practices have occurred they invest significant time and resource into probes to implement effective sanctions.

The RICS building in central London is pictured on a Spring morning against blue sky.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has vowed to continue to take a tough stance on surveyor’s mis selling home survey reports.

Nigel Clarke, Independent Chair of RICS Standards & Regulation Board (SRB) outlined his concerns around home surveys to members last week.

Nigel Clarke, RICS
Nigel Clarke, RICS

In a statement he said: “I cannot comment directly on specific cases referenced, given that one is subject to an appeal and the other to an ongoing investigation, but it is worth pointing out that these are in no way representative of the standards of the profession at large.

“Nevertheless, where malpractice or misconduct has occurred within the profession, we invest significant time and resource into our comprehensive investigations to implement effective sanctions.

“The small number of surveyors who let down the profession can severely impact those that they fail, who have my utmost sympathy.”

He went on to say that there ‘will be lessons to be learnt from disciplinary cases and we will use these to deliver improvements wherever possible’.


He added: “The recent commentary has not given the complete picture of the extensive investigations and activity that our teams have undertaken, and on which they continue to work.

“Inevitably, as a professional regulator, it is often the case that we are unable to disclose highly confidential information. This is essential to protect the integrity of the overall regulatory framework and to ensure there is confidence in it, for both complainant and those about whom a complaint has been raised.”

Clarke has been working with RICS and the interim SRB members since July last year helping to deliver professional standards and regulatory functions.

The Neg revealed in June last year how the entire board responsible for setting and policing professional standards within the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) had resigned.

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