Twitter goes wild over naked pictures posted within Rightmove listing

Coventry estate agent rushes to take down image of bedroom with wall plastered in nude images after property listing appears on social media.

A two-bedroom terraced house listed by an agent in Coventry set off a social media storm yesterday when its unusual wall decoration was spotted on Rightmove.

Local agent Suttons had uploaded images of the shambolic house on the portal complete with nearly 30 pictures of naked women blue-tacked to the property’s spare bedroom walls, along with a very large poster for the 1990s TV show Gladiators.

The property, which is for sale at £85,000 in the Foleshill Area of the city, was spotted by an unnamed woman on Twitter, who cheekily asked her followers what the “key selling points of the property” might be?

Described by its agent as a “great investment opportunity” and touting an open day on Friday to view the property, almost every room in the two-up, two-down mid-terrace was a challenge to photograph including waist-high clutter and an ageing kitchen.

After comments on Twitter began building, the agent has now removed the photograph for the house but kept the property listing live.

But overall the listing ignores several of Rightmove’s ‘tips’ on its blog for presenting properties on portals in their best light.

This includes advice to keep curtains open and asking vendors to clear as much away as possible before an agent arrives to take photos. The Coventry house is both chock full of belongings and gloomy.

“Of course in real life, it’s not always possible to follow all these tips and you have limited time to take photographs. Sometimes you just have to work with the images you have,” says Rightmove. Quite.

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