Seven week completion ‘shows what can be done’ says proptech firm

BreezeMove says completion in just seven weeks proves its software can speed up homebuying.

phil melia

Sales progression proptech firm BreezeMove has hailed a landmark completion in just seven weeks.

The North West based company, which launched just over two years ago, says from the point when clients were signed up at the end of October the deal was done before Christmas.

Solicitors had been instructed with draft contracts sent, and searches applied for by mid-November and the searches received by November 24, before pre-exchange checks began on December 7, allowing the contracts to be completed by December 21.

BreezeMove says it has grown tired of the “blame game” that is “rife” within the property industry, when everyone involved should uphold a level of responsibility within the transaction.


All parties can always see the process on the BreezeMove platform, meaning any delays or setbacks are visible.

Transparency, collaboration, and communication are the ‘cornerstones’ of BreezeMove’s process, the firm says, that enable the completion times that they consistently achieve. Proving that it is not only entirely possible to lower completion times, but that the industry standard is bordering on “unacceptable”.

Phil Melia, founder and CEO, (main picture) says: “There are many important factors which affect the timescales of the property transaction and it’s great to see steps being taken to streamline this process, but more importantly holding parties accountable which is where BreezeMove assists.

“By monitoring solicitors on the platform via strict efficiencies we ensure that agents and their clients are getting significantly increased communication levels which of course helps to drive completions through promptly.”

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  1. Good news indeed, but some detail is missing. Did they exchange and complete on the same day? Is that something we should be aiming for?
    One target I think we should be clearest on is the exchange time. The time from Sale agreed to exchange. I believe the target for this should be 2 weeks.
    When i sold my last house we achieved an exchange in 2 weeks and a day, which gave all parties 2 months before the proposed completion date to prepare for the move. Perfect.

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