Proptech is ‘the new battle ground’ for estate agency says industry leader

In The Home Stretch podcast The Guild of Property Professionals boss Iain McKenzie says some agents are still waiting for one system that does it all.


Many estate agents are still waiting for one tech solution that will do everything rather than having a number of various accounts and systems dealing with each aspect of their business, The Guild of Property Professionals claims.

In the latest episode of The Home Stretch podcast, Iain McKenzie (main picture), Chief Executive of The Guild of Property Professionals is joined by Richard Combellack, Chief Commercial Officer at, to discuss the importance of technology, evolution and innovation in the property sector.


Speaking about the feedback he has received regarding the eco-system, McKenzie says that many agents see this as the ‘holy grail’.

He says: “Many within the sector have been waiting for one system that does it all, rather than having various accounts and systems to deal with each aspect of the business.

“Also, being able to determine the ROI (return on investment) and cost of each lead gives agents the information they need to make informed business decisions with regard to lead generation spend.”

Over the past few years has acquired four technology businesses that feed into what the group calls an ‘eco-system’, which provides agents with a holistic approach to estate agency, with all of their proptech requirements under one umbrella.


Combellack explains that at its core, the eco-system is a sales funnel designed to capture leads from all lead sources.

Richard Combellack,
Richard Combellack,

He says: “At the top of the funnel we have businesses such as Starberry and The Property Jungle that are focused on generating and capturing leads through various activities such as social media advertising, pay-per-click advertising, websites, and portal lead capture.”

Combellack adds that the theory behind the methodology is simplification for agents, cutting down the number of toolsets required to do their job effectively and efficiently.

He adds: “While there are other proptech suppliers in the market the unique aspect about the eco-system is the integration between the various businesses and a joining up the dots so to speak.”

Listen to the conversation HERE.

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  1. Our internal system does almost everything we need; lettings,LL tax, maintenance etc, sales, auto website – bet I’m the only Estate Agent that wrote their own systems over the last 15 years in C#! for exactly what an estate agents needs and no more! Only did it because the rest were bloatware one size fits all, unintuitive , expensive and still are imo.

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