Government back-tracking over commitment to three-year tenancies

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan makes the claim during his regular Question Time session at City Hall.

The government is back tracking over its commitment in July to introduce three-year tenancies, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has revealed following meetings with ministers two weeks ago.

The disclosure came following a question from Sian Berry, the co-leader of the Green party in England and Wales during his regular ‘Question Time’ at the London Assembly building.

After being asked by her what he was doing to help London’s two million private sector tenants, he said that: “Despite announcing to great fanfare a consultation on three-year tenancies for renters, ministers already appear to be wavering on their commitment to any rule change in this area.

“I will keep pushing ministers on longer tenancies because I believe making them open ended and scrapping no-fault evictions is essential to strengthening the rights of renters.”

Landlord licencing

During the session, Khan also revealed that the housing secretary James Brokenshire has refused to devolve landlord licensing powers to London’s City Hall, and that he still plans to introduce rent controls in London once his ‘London Model’ plan for the capital’s housing market has been completed.

Launched last year, the Mayor said he would bring together tenants, landlords and boroughs to “support a more stable, family-friendly sector, where the legitimate rights of landlords are protected too”.

Khan also savaged the government during the meeting, claiming that: “The truth is the government have dragged their feet when it comes to renting; they’ve been slow to agree to any changes at all, half-hearted in taking them forward and implacably opposed to the kind of radical change renters need,” he said.




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