Respected Haart ‘star’ estate agents quit to join competitor’s virtual network

David and Cathy Cummings are now working for East Anglia firm Hockeys, saying corporate agents are 'not adapting to the demands of the market'.

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An East Anglia husband and wife estate agency team who have led one of the most profitable Haart estate agency operations for many years have quit to join another agency, saying that the world has changed and “the established corporate groups are not adapting to the demands of the market”.

David and Cathy Cummings have now moved to estate agency Hockeys. It has branches in Willingham and Cambridge but is expanding further out into the region by recruiting virtual local representatives or Associate Partners.

The Cummings are one of the first agents to join and will be covering Wisbech and Kings Lynn where they both worked for Haart before leaving.

trottHockeys Director Jeremy Trott (left) says: “It’s a huge, huge coup for us as David and Cathy were top performers for many years within the Spicerhaart group.”

David Cummings says: “Hockeys is a heritage, quality brand and I have worked with both Jeremy Trott and Harriet Harvey, the Branch Partner of the Willingham office, in the past.

“Our addition to the team will fill in the gaps of the wider market; not only is there a gap for the location, just 35 miles from Cambridge and on the border of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Lincolnshire, there is also a need for a professional, virtual agent.”

The Cummings ran Haart’s Wisbech branch together for many years and also both oversaw other branches in the area. Cathy then ran a virtual office under the Wisbech office which also became successful,

Find out more about Hockeys’ Associate Partners programme.

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