Estate agents urged to go door knocking… and get tasered!

Door knocking and the day-to-day dangers of agency life are amusingly highlighted on day three of the latest video instalment from industry round-table.

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Door knocking and the day-to-day dangers of agency life are amusingly highlighted on day three of the latest video instalment from the self-proclaimed Great And The Good of the Property Industry.

The Neg has been reporting all week on November’s fireside style chat which was co-ordinated by Russell Quirk, Co-Founder of ProperPR and The Giggs Group Founder Matt Giggs.

Today’s short video takes agency marketing back to its basics and starts with a fairly robust argument from Quirk about the benefits of physical door knocking. Yes, door knocking.


“The controversial words I’m about to use that are going to get the heckles up are door and knocking,” begins Quirk’s opening gambit.

“Now if there are a million properties on the market with your competitors you don’t need an inbox – you’ve got an inbox. That is a million properties on the market. Right. Now. Go round, knock on the doors, not to be aggressive. This isn’t about the double-glazing type approach.”

And so begins a laughable dust-up amongst the panel, an invitation for pizza and the threat of being tasered.

The panel also included Peter Rollings, former CEO and current board member at Foxtons; Sarah Edmundson, Chief Executive of charity Agents Together; Gemma Noonan, Operations Director at The Giggs Group; Iain McKenzie, Chief Executive of The Guild of Property Professionals; Adam Day, UK Country Leader at eXp and Mark Burgess, Chief Executive at Iceberg Digital and software CRM, Lifesycle.

Rollings himself isn’t too keen on the idea of door knocking but it’s left to Iceberg Digital’s Mark Burgess to put Quirk’s back to basics idea firmly back in the box.


“I tell you, if you did that to me, I would taser you!” he says. “We tout by using marketing. We don’t have to go and knock on someone’s door.”

It’s left to The Guild of Property Professionals’ Iain McKenzie to calm matters down.

“What do you get if you give a brilliant nurture journey to a crap estate agent?”

Indeed. And at just a mere 2 minutes and 45 seconds running time you can find out the answer to that by watching the latest instalment HERE.

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