HBSG releases industry standard for property data sharing

Maria Harris, Chair of the HSBG says the new version of the schema provides an industry-ready, standardised format for property data that ensures consistency and accuracy.

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The Homebuying and Selling Group has launched the second version of the Property Data Trust Framework with an updated JSON schema.

The Property Data Trust Framework is a set of principles and guidelines that enable property data sharing in an open and transparent manner (like Open Banking but for property data). It sets out the key requirements for data providers, data users, and trust entities to facilitate secure and seamless property data sharing.


The updated version incorporates the new and updated fields in v4.0 of the BASPI (buyer and seller property information), changes to LPE forms, new data fields for search results as well as the addition of referencing to map digital upfront data directly to other formats such as TA forms.

Maria Harris (main pic), Chair of the HSBG Technology Group, says: “We are excited to release the updated version of the Property Data Trust Framework and JSON Schema which has been made possible through the amazing support and contributions from our volunteer group including Adoor, Coadjute, Moverly, Redbrick Solutions, TM Group and the like.”

Lubna Shuja, President of the Law Society of England and Wales, says: “There is no silver bullet. However, one way to improve the process is to provide consumers with information about the buying process and key information about a property at the very beginning of their search for a home.”


And Kieran Witt, Kotini Chief Exeutive, adds: “A trust-based and open property ecosystem, like the Property Data Trust Framework is creating, is one of the ways property transactions will become more efficient and less stressful for the end consumer.

“Version 2 is yet another step forward, and we’re proud to be supporting this innovation and its continual development.”

The Property Data Trust Framework v2.0 and JSON Schema are open source and available for free on GitHub HERE.

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