Estate agent shot dead during property viewing

Dangers of America's out-of-control gun culture laid bare as viewing goes tragically awry in Los Angeles.

los angeles estate agent murder property viewing

A disagreement over a property sale ended in tragedy when a US estate agent was shot dead in California during a property viewing.

The agent had turned up at the house in Huntington Beach, Los Angeles on Saturday morning to discuss viewings when the shooting occurred, leaving three other people injured.

All four were taken to the local hospital but the agent – who was unrelated to the family – did not survive. Police believe the shooter may be among those hospitalised although none of the victims have been identified.

The incident took place on Operetta Street in a neighbourhood south of Edinger Avenue, reports ABC News, which says police officers rescued four people from the front yard and backyard of the property.

A SWAT team blocked off the street and neighbours were forced to evacuate.

Property viewing

“What we know is it appears to be an ongoing family dispute over a property here, a residence. Some real estate professionals came today to view the property when the shooting occurred,” said the police department’s Julian Harvey.

Neighbours say that after the elderly man who owned the home died, a son who lived with him got into a bitter dispute with his siblings over what to do with the house.

“I spoke to him, but I didn’t know what was going on with the situation,” said neighbour Don Pruette.

“Apparently there was a lot of issues with what do we do with the house now. One wanted to sell, one wanted to keep the house and that’s not the way to work it out,” he added.

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