Valuation accuracy booms

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Boomin is to launch a valuation tool which it says will be the most accurate within the UK property market.

Called SmartVal, it will be free for all Boomin’s sales and letting agency members from next month onwards and will be supported by a marketing campaign to launch in September which, the portal claims, will help drive instructions to its agents.

The web and app-based services said to be more accurate because the platform uses a mix of technology, data and also an agent adding in their own knowledge in real time online to create a more tailored valuation.

However, agents must ‘claim’ the valuation within five minutes and then approve it using their local knowledge within 15 minutes or the lead may be passed to a competitor.

Once the SmartVal is submitted the agent will gain access to the full contact details of the customer enabling follow-up contact.

Michael Bruce, CEO and founder of Boomin, said, “Once again we are leading the way, providing our agent partners with new innovations that seek to draw more people into the property market, create new business opportunities for agents and provide them with a competitive advantage.”

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