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Coaching the team

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"The market is very challenging in my patch and our residential income is worryingly down. I don’t want to make staff redundant but I may have to if things do not improve..."

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Wobbling transactions, withering confidence

Kate Faulkner
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Kate Faulkner says, “Considering there is now talk of a recession, it’s hard to see in some areas how property prices will be affected, when they haven’t recovered from the last recession.”

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The true worth of your property

Adam Walker
Worth of property document image

"Every agent has homes on their books that are overpriced, says Adam Walker. All the evidence says the house is worth £450,000 but the vendor wants £500,000. You can tell them again…

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The value of self-awareness

Julian O'Dell

JULIAN SAYS: Without seeing your valuers in action, it is difficult to assess where they go wrong. However, I can take an educated guess at the traps they fall into. This guess…

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Conflict of interest

Katrine Sporle
Abandoned building project image

"Agreements, valuations and a conflict of interest – be careful where you stand when you are caught in the middle", says Katrine Sporle, The Property Ombudsman.

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Winning the business

Julian O'Dell
Agent shaking hands with client image

"There are already too many agents in our town; we now have ‘online’ businesses creeping in. We get a fair few valuations but don’t always win the business. Advice appreciated."

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