‘Why do agents and conveyancers fight like cats and dogs?’

Rob Hailstone, who has organised a week-long series of events looking at conveyancing issues, says property transactions are taking longer.

Conveyancing work can be “fraught”, and is much more challenging than it was 15 years ago, according to the organiser of the first National Conveyancing Week.

Rob Hailstone, the founder and chief executive of Bold Legal Group (BLG) (main picture), also says that property transaction times are getting longer.

“Relationships with estate agents are at times fraught”

Speaking ahead of next week’s events to mark National Conveyancing Week (NCW), he warns that clients are more demanding than they used to be, and this is putting pressure on the relationship between conveyancers and estate agents.

“I was at the coal face of conveyancing for 30 years, from the mid-70s until 2005, and on the whole I enjoyed my work, and the relationships formed with my clients and my estate agent contacts,” he says.

“However, conveyancing has become far more challenging within the last 15 years or so. Clients are more demanding and relationships with estate agents are at times fraught, and transactions times are getting longer.”

In the description for a session looking how can conveyancers and agents can achieve a better working relationship, Hailstone asks: “Why do agents and conveyancers fight like cats and dogs?”

First ever

The first ever NCW starts next Monday, March 20, and has a full agenda of in-person, online and pre-recorded events for conveyancers and estate agents.

It is hoped attendees will come from across the property sector including estate agents, mortgage brokers, lenders and conveyancers.

All events are free to watch. Registration is via this Eventbrite link

The BLG, which was founded by Hailstone in 2010, is made up of nearly 700 member law firms.

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