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Show off your assets

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Suzie Pattison, MD of Ravensworth, shares her top five tips for making your brand stand out in a competitive market.

Suzie Pattison, MD, Ravensworth

Building and maintaining an identifiable and eye-catching brand with a distinctive value proposition is critically important to long-term business growth and sustainability in a competitive environment.

What’s more, consistent presentation of a brand increases revenue by 23%¹. By presenting your brand image and reinforcing your value proposition consistently across multiple platforms and touchpoints, to all your audience segments, your consumers will more likely recognise and connect with your business.

Make a first impression

People form their first impression in a mere 50 milliseconds² so it pays to make your brand engaging and ensure it adequately reflects your core business value proposition – and reinforce it with clear messaging.

How your printed materials look and feel, the communications you issue, the way you interact with consumers, and your online presence all directly represent your business when marketing and selling properties, at least in your customers’ and prospects’ minds.

Does your outward presence reflect who you are?

Sixty-four per cent of consumers cite shared values as the primary reason they have a relationship with a brand³. Your business brand will inevitably be one of the first things new customers see. And if your brand doesn’t reflect how you want to be perceived, or your value proposition, you may ultimately lose customers before they’ve even walked through your door or visited your website.

Find your extra ordinary

Here are our top 5 tips to stand out in today’s highly competitive market:

1. Be original. Don’t mimic a competitor’s brand. Your brand should demonstrate your originality. It’ll resonate with customers and ensure you don’t blend in.

2. Be bold. Buck industry trends and be brave with colours, messages, imagery and tone of voice. It’ll get you noticed!

3. Be consistent. If your brand is consistent across all touchpoints it’ll help customers recognise and remember you.

4. Be loud. Use all channels available at your disposal to promote your brand and products – social media, websites, advertising, sponsorships, events, content, direct marketing and even your own window displays.

5. Be relevant. Know your audience – understanding your target market and tailoring your messages to their needs and wants will increase interactions and help customers connect with your brand.

Branding – it’s not just for your business

Branding can also be used for new build developments to help capture the imagination of the target market and local community, helping you to achieve the best possible price for new build properties.

A carefully crafted new build brand can help sell not just a home but communicate a lifestyle afforded by the development and desired by your target audience.

Improving your business brand needn’t be a laborious, time-consuming or expensive process.”

Being ordinary won’t get you noticed

Improving your business brand needn’t be a laborious, time-consuming or expensive process. More often than not, all that’s needed is a refresh of your current brand to ensure you remain current, resonate with your target market, and clearly articulate your value proposition.

That’s where Ravensworth comes in – with seasoned designers who can provide a genuine solution to brand control and message distribution to help you stand out in the marketplace. We can create and print a complete range of innovative and engaging marketing materials designed to create awareness, promote specific business messages and help agents achieve visibility in a today’s competitive market.

That’s where Ravensworth comes in – with seasoned designers and a complete range of property marketing solutions across branding, design, printing and distribution that help you stand out, and promote specific business messages, in today’s competitive market.


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