The office phone that’s built for estate agents

What if you could upgrade to a business phone system that has all the mod cons and save money at the same time? Say hello to Vonage.

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We know just how crucial communication is for estate agents and the telephone can be the most important tool in your business. Vonage is the office phone that comes with some amazing features that help make your customer relationships easy-to-maintain. It works seamlessly from the cloud which means you can use your landline anywhere. So, you’ll never miss a call, and if you never miss a call, you’ll never miss out on a business opportunity. You can also keep your existing number when you switch, which makes things more convenient for you and your customers.


Vonage is at home in a busy office where the phone is ringing off the hook. It comes with Auto Attendant which acts as your virtual receptionist, taking the stress out of handling customer calls. You can record a personalised greeting for your callers and when they call they’ll be able to self-direct themselves to the person in your business they want to speak to using a menu of options. If the person they want to speak to is busy Vonage has a clever feature called Hunt Group. It automatically puts your customer through to the next best member of your team. Vonage also helps you stay on top of your team’s performance with call monitoring. You can listen in on their sales calls and even join in if you want to. You can also review conversations thanks to unlimited storage for call recording.

Vonage office phone for estate agents

It’s the office phone that works outside the office seamlessly. No wonder so many estate agents have switched to us.


Location, location, location. Whether you’re out on a viewing, meeting clients or heading home after a busy day, you’re always conveniently located to answer your office phone thanks to Vonage’s smartphone app. It integrates your office phone with your mobile, synchronising your contacts and preferences, it also displays your landline number when you make outbound calls. Having one office number you can use anywhere makes you look more professional and makes things won’t have to remember lots of mobile numbers. You can also use our app to take landline calls on your laptop, so when an opportunity comes calling then you’ll always be able to answer.

When it comes to selling a home there can be a lot to talk about, that’s why we offer unlimited calls on your mobile and landline. So, you can always be there when your customers need and save money on your phone bill at the same time.

Vonage office phone for estate agents

If you like the sound of all of that then it’s as simple to switch to Vonage as it’s easy to set-up. There are no installation fees or engineer visits needed, so Vonage can move into your office right away. And if all of this improved communication results in your business growing then you can add as many extra lines as you need.

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