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How to turn tweets into sweet business sense

Twitter is, says Tara Duake, undoubtedly one of the most fascinating platforms in relation to the other social media mavericks – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest – and we love it!

Tara Dulake

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With around 6,000 tweets posted every second (that’s 500 million per day!) Twitter’s fast, short-lived culture means that tweets often come and go; making it somewhat ineffective as a communications tool. However, that’s not to say the platform is useless. In fact, when it comes to search, Twitter can increase the credibility of your business; providing your content is popular and shared regularly. Yet, that’s not all – the platform allows you to monitor competition and engage with your customers; while the followers you gain can also help your brand if you are actively holding dialogues with them. After all, communicating is a two-way thing.

Tara Dulake

Tara Dulake

In order to optimise your business’ success among the Twittersphere, there are particular elements that estate agents should be exploiting when it comes to tweeting.


Posting consistent content is equally as important as the relevance and quality of your tweets. However, you also need to ensure your tweets are posted at times when your target audience is actually online. After all, you don’t want your audience to miss your communications. This doesn’t mean you need to be watching the clock every minute of the day or setting alarms. Instead, there are scheduling tools available which enable you to post your tweets in advance. This means you can schedule all your tweets ahead of the calendar, at specific times each day.

Ensure that you post tweets when your target audience is online. There are scheduling tools which enable you to post in advance!

Finding out when your target audience is online can have its complexities; since no user is the same and will probably access Twitter at varied times throughout the day. However, you can discover the optimal times to tweet with scheduling tools. This is great because, not only can you compose imminent tweets, but you can select times when most of your target audience will be online – increasing opportunities for engagement and reach.


In a nutshell, hashtags are the perfect way to reach a larger social media audience. However, these tags can either benefit your business’ reach, or become a mere waste of those precious 280 characters available. So, it is crucial that you keep them relatively simple. For instance, a very specific hashtag such as #BestEstateAgentsLondon won’t have as much reach in comparison to something shorter like #EstateAgent. Luckily, Twitter enables users to trial hashtags, thanks to their search feature. Here, you can research what users are posting about, to ensure your content is relevant and has the potential to stand out among others in the same feed. Relevance can’t be stressed enough, considering you’ll need to attract an appropriate audience for your business.


Twitter allows users to add visual content to each tweet, with up to four images (or a single GIF); and being in the property sector, visual content is only a snap away. Just last year, 37 per cent of marketers said visual marketing was the most important form of content for their business; while, a convincing 74 per cent of social media marketers used visual assets in their social media marketing – and rightfully so. Tweets with images are much more likely to be noticed than those without. So, by including one to four images in your tweets, you are essentially increasing your chances of Twitter success – reach and engagement. Twitter users certainly favour posts that contain valuable information but tend to scroll their feed passively.

Therefore, images should be high in quality and relevant to estate agents. For example, when tweeting about property availability, you can include images of those particular properties.


Before discussing Retweets, its important to understand that your account should be providing your audience with valuable information and interesting content – this is how you gain and retain followers. Therefore, it is essential that you follow relevant accounts and Twitter lists. By doing so, you are essentially gaining access to that valuable information and interesting content which could make for great retweets!

By following these top tips for tweeting, you are one step closer to your social media success. However, giving the platforms dynamic environment, Twitter is constantly changing and unleashing more opportunities for businesses. One recent change was the character limit per tweets, which doubled from 140 to 280 in last year. This can only mean new opportunities for optimising your tweets!

Tara Dulake, Digital Marketing Director www.theoraclegroup.co.uk

October 17, 2018

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