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Facebook for new-builds?

Nelly Berova
Facebook screen image

Facebook has come a long way over the past few years, says Nelly Berova and now it’s proving very effective for marketing new developments.

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EGGciting events

Tara Dulake
Trending topic on computer screen image

Tara Dulake shares her social media expertise on how you can benefit from a #Trending Topic like Easter to boost your profile and traffic.

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The Importance of #Hashtags

Tara Dulake
Social media image

Did you know, asks Tara Dulake, that the word ‘hashtag’ was officially added to the Oxford Dictionary in 2010– and four years later it was included in the Scrabble Dictionary too.

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Virtual tours speed the move

The Negotiator
3D virtual tour image

It takes eight minutes for house-hunters to make their mind up about a property, according to a study by Foxtons.

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Brexit bores

Jerry Lyons
Brexit image

Yes, it’s a total bore, this Brexit business, says Jerry Lyons at Property PR, but you can’t blame Brexit for everything! These issues may sound familiar...

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