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Stop and think

Nathan Emerson
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We’re back to work, but for most it’s certainly not ‘business as usual’. If you find you don’t have time to even think, now is the time to stop – and do…

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The five Cs of decision making

Julian O'Dell
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“Things are really challenging – I need to make some tough decisions regarding staff.  Any tips on successful decision making?”

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Money matters

Adam Walker
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“Money…” How would you complete the sentence? Money makes the world go around? Money is the root of all evil? What is your instinctive answer? And why is this important? says Adam…

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Don’t bury your head in the sand

Julian O'Dell
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“Our dilemma is this: we are finding the going extremely tough. Frankly, I’m not sure there is enough business to sustain the number of estate agents in our area through to the…

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Working as a team

Julian O'Dell
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"I run an independent estate agency and have got closer to the coalface as my team is finding things tough.They are working hard but as a group of individuals rather than as…

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