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Easy does it

Lisa Isaacs
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It can feel like you need a degree to understand digital marketing but cherry picking some of these easy wins can make it feel less daunting, says Lisa Isaacs.

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The preferred platform

Nelly Berova
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Nelly Berova lists 12 key reasons why you should consider WordPress for your estate agency website.

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Have a local SEO strategy for all your branches

Nelly Berova
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We're in a world centred on mobile phones, says Nelly Berova and everyone searches on the move. Make sure your branches all have their own individually optimised pages on the web –…

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SEO… PR… They are all connected

Tara Dulake
SEO/PR brainstorming meeting image

In recent years, the public relations industry has been revolutionised, largely thanks to the power of social media, says Tara Dulake. It lets us publish our thoughts on an event instantaneously, which,…

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Content and conversion

Nelly Berova
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Do you measure your bottom line? Nelly Berova MD, Art Division, offers seven digital marketing secrets that will put yours in better shape.

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Big-up your blogs

Nelly Berova
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The blog’s written and posted… now, says Nelly Berova, MD, Art Division, bring on the readers, with five steps to blogging heaven.

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On the plus side

Caroline Steer

Caroline Steer is rather curious about Google+. Does it really offer a plus – or a minus – for your local estate agency business.

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Want a new website?

The Negotiator
Building a website image

What does it take to build a really great, successful, professional estate agency website? Marc Da Silva reports.

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