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Purplebricks vs allAgents – who is the real ‘rogue one’ in this one-star war?

Neither side, it would seem, as Purplebricks once more lays into reviews website allAgents over disputed one-star reviews.

Nigel Lewis

Agent reviews website allAgents has come out fighting after Purplebricks yesterday said its experience of the site had “been very poor”.

The hybrid agency went on to say that “we have never sought or had any commercial agreement with allAgents and we have no desire to work with them in the future”.

But the reviews website, which has been in dispute with Purplebricks since at least September after the agency challenged whether negative reviews on its website were true or not, is not taking the criticism lying down.

allAgents says it welcomes Purplebricks statement that “they don’t want to work with the UK’s largest independent review website for the property industry” because the only people allAgents wants to work with “are consumers”.

“When it comes to the 300,000 reviews on our site, we don’t want to work with Purplebricks, or any agent for that matter,” says allAgents director Martin McKenzie (pictured, left).

“We work for the consumer. Unlike other sites, we have no commercial agreements with agents, which is why they are a fair reflection of consumers’ experiences – good and bad.

“We’ re a business of course, and agents pay us for such services as branding and property listing on the site. But if we took agents’ money for our reviews service the independence of these reviews would be compromised, and that’s something we’ll never do.”

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McKenzie also says that although he welcomes Purplebricks recent comments about his firm’s review service, he says it’s not the first time he’s been challenged and that it can be “the rogue ones who throw their toys out of their pram, whilst the good ones value our site and address any negative comments they might receive on it,” he says.

“We know we’re doing something right, when our genuine reviews cause a bit of a stir. It means the consumer’s voice is being heard. We will continue to moderate reviews of Purplebricks on our site – entirely free of charge to them. And we’ll continue to ensure the consumer has an independent platform where their voice is truly heard.”

December 20, 2017

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