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The (unexpected) ways to use property photos to market your agency

There’s a whole raft of new photographic technology to show your properties on social media, so get snapping, says Tara Dulake.

Tara Dulake

Tara DulakeWith more people searching for properties online than ever before, high quality photographs are an essential part of marketing a property. There are several different ways you can use photography in your marketing. Using your photographs to create new content for your social media channels can help to increase engagement, followers and reach across all your social channels. Here are some top tips on how you can use photos to develop engaging picturesque content for promotion on social media profiles.


Photography imageOne key driver to gaining new business, is proving that your service is the best over your competitors! When you receive good feedback, you should always make sure that you promote it on your website and through social media.

Whilst most of your clients may not like having their photograph taken, you can still use your property photography to promote some good quotes and feedback about the level of service you offer – the good old traditional testimonial.

The best way to make your testimonial visual is to use photography with a lay-over of text. Simple, yet effective!


You can literally give your customers a 360 degree view of a property by using a 360 degree camera. These photographs, when uploaded to Facebook will give a full view of what the house is like, the layout and the outlook of the property.

Not only does uploading this content give the ability for users to engage, you are giving them more information about the property itself, allowing them to decide quicker about whether this is the property for them, or not. These 360 degree images on Facebook are great for engagement.


A feature from Facebook that allows you to upload and promote your photography is Facebook albums. If your estate agency is one branch covering a wide area, or several branches, this is your opportunity to create some great albums, either of the properties on offer, or photography albums which will promote the area you cover.

As with any property, you need to sell in the area so your customers understand what it is like to live there. Including some of the best site-seeing locations, photos of restaurants and shops will help to also showcase the area. Your Facebook Album can then be posted on Facebook as a whole to promote a specific property or the surrounding area.


A slideshow is one excellent way in which you can show multiple images in one area to maximise the effect and draw in the potential buyers.

When you photograph a house, there are many different rooms you can focus on, which means that you sometimes need to be selective on social media as to which photographs you want to showcase.

A slideshow creation is a great way of attracting attention on your social media channel, as it is a different type of interactive content for your followers to engage with.


Like the slideshow, of curse, you can use lots of photos of a property and the surrounding area to create an attractive piece of content in the form of a collage.

As some platforms limit the amount of images you can upload, such as Twitter, a photo collage is a great way in which you can show all of the unique selling points in one ultimate image. There are many collage apps that can be used to help you create a photo montage easily.


One of the most shared pieces of content on social media are memes. A ‘meme’ (rhymes with cream) is a virally-transmitted cultural symbol or social idea. Being creative with amusing quotes and overlaying them on top of your photos will give you more shareable and engaging content.

If someone can relate to the quote of the meme you create, they will be more likely to share your content. This is where if you can use photographs you have taken of any close-ups of objects within the house to showcase the best selling points of some of your properties.

It is time to turn all the existing content you already have on file into interesting and engaging content!

July 21, 2017

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