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Why bother with reference checks?

Many landlords, and some agents, fail to run reference checks before tenants move in. Sheila Manchester explains their importance in today's market.

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Regional roundup

Each month our regional roundup visits three agents across the country to discover what’s happening in their businesses and local markets. This month we visit South Devon, Leicestershire and Kent.

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Regulation & Law

The boss is watching

big brother image

Twitter and Facebook at work – what’s the right way to monitor and control it? Legal expert Anne Hughes has some pointers.

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Agencies & People

Benham & Reeves lands at Surrey Quays

Benham & Reeves at Surrey Quays image

Benham & Reeves Residential Lettings continues its expansion, opening its 14th lettings branch on-site at the Marine Wharf property development in Surrey Quays, SE16.

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Housing Market

Boomtime for buy-to-let

buy-to-let properties image

Investor landlords expanding portfolios, new pension rules encouraging silver landlords, it’s all going well for BTL, says Marc Da Silva.

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