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Go global with Google

You could use Google Display Network to join a network of 2million sites to build brand awareness, says Nelly Berova, it’s easier than you may think.

Nelly Berova

Link to Nelly BerovaTo attract new business, agents rely on trust and positive relationships with prospects. To achieve this, prospects need to be aware of your brand and believe you will deliver. To achieve this, try getting your ads on major websites, visited by your prospects. The more often prospects see your brand, the more they’ll choose you when the time is right.

This could be a difficult and expensive task, but with the Google Display Network (GDN) found in Google Adwords, it’s easier than you think.

What is the Google Display Network?

A network of 2 million sites, collectively reaching 90 percent of internet users. From The Telegraph, to more niche sites, such as Property Division, Google Display Network can get your ads in front of targeted audiences across the globe.

You can reach your prospects when they’re viewing a video, reading an article, playing a game on their phone or checking their email.

The important part is to learn how to reach them early on in the buying cycle, when they’re researching, weighing their options, unaware of your services.

Nobody sells or buys a property on an impulse, it takes time, research, planning. Your job is to help them along the way.

Google Display Network or Search Network?

Google Adwords has two advertising networks: Search and Display.

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Nelly Berova

The Google Search Network allows you to place ads on Google’s search engine, to reach users while they’re searching specific keywords and phrases – eg ‘estate agents in YOUR LOCATION’. These show up within Google’s organic search results in a form of a text ad with links to your landing pages or website. As people are deliberately searching for your services, the cost per click is a lot higher with these ads.

Reach your prospects when they’re viewing a video, reading an article, playing a game or checking emails.

The Display Network is more passive. It integrates your ads into selected websites, reaching users while they shop, browse or read. Instead of plain text, the Display Network allows visual and rich media ads with a more powerful impact on the decision-making process. The best part? The cost per click can be much less than search.

Google Display Network Ad Locations

The network has 2 million sites in different tiers, allowing brands to select the most relevant for their campaign.

Google’s sites – YouTube, Blogger, etc. are part of the network. Website managers can sign up to AdSense publisher and allow banner ads displayed on their site as this allows them to make commission from impressions and clicks. Finally, there are sites participating in the DoubleClick Ad Exchange, an online ad marketplace.

While you could run your Google Display Network ads across any/all of these groups, for the best results, be a little more selective:

1. Cherry-pick your domains
A feature called “managed placements,” allows you to designate specific websites, videos, feeds and sites where your ads will appear. This works well if you know the exact places your prospecting clients regularly visit, so you’ll spend money on the placements you know will deliver.

2. Let Google select for you
Let Google Adwords to pick placements for you by entering keywords and topics, Google Adwords will choose the best. (You will have to constantly tweak your targeting.)

3. Choose who sees your ads:
Target certain demographics, geographic locations etc. We use this when running ads for agents, especially to attract local vendors.

Google Display Network Targeting

You can build targeted Google Display Network audiences by:

  • Interest – target users with specific interests, e.g. brands, sites, products, services similar to yours.
  • Demographics – e.g. age, gender, marital status, geographic location, device, whether the user is a parent or not.
  • Activity – thanks to cookies, the Display Network can tell when users browse certain pages, fill out a form, book a viewing or a valuation or complete other actions on your site. You can use this data to put your advertising spend to good work.

With a strategy called “remarketing,” you can reach visitors who have visited your website but not taken action – eg: if a buyer looked at properties for sale on your site, but didn’t book a viewing, target them Google Display Network with ads containing the exact properties they looked at, encourage them back to your website and book a viewing.

It’s one of the oldest, most successful online ad strategies that will help your brand stay top of mind. They’re interested in your properties so more likely to clickthrough and convert.

The Google Display Network has built-in analytics and reporting tools, allowing you to measure the results and tweak your campaigns accordingly. It’s important to monitor and adjust your ads regularly for best results.

Learn more about Google Display Network and how Nelly and her team use it to attract more leads for their agency clients.


July 25, 2019

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