Greenaway Residential Estate Agents wins annual Crawley Community Award

CEO of Greenaway Residential Estate Agents, Darren Greenaway accepts annual Crawley Community Award for outstanding charitable contribution.

Darren Greenaway outside his office with award

Over the last 12 months, the Greenaway Foundation, has raised an impressive £80,000 in charitable contribution. The money has been used to fund local initiatives for financially challenged families who would normally ‘fly under the radar’ of all the normal support channels.

Unlike a lot of other charities, the running costs are generously underwritten by Greenaway Residential Estate Agents, so every penny raised directly benefits the local community.

Support for schools

The money has helped less well-off pupils at 51 local schools with everything from their travel costs to school meals and has also made contributions towards their school trips and proms. As one of those they helped puts it, “I was really sad when my friends were talking about the prom and knowing I couldn’t go. I am so happy that I am now able to attend, I am really excited.”

The money has helped less well-off pupils at 51 local schools.”

During the festive season, the charity also provided essential ingredients for a healthy two-course Christmas dinner for over 900 people and enabled volunteers to buy, wrap and deliver more than 1,600 children’s presents. Next year, their plans are even more ambitious, when they are aiming to raise enough money to feed over 1,000 families and provide at least 4,000 presents.

The Foundation’s CEO, Darren Greenaway, in his acceptance speech, graciously acknowledged that it couldn’t have happened without the collective efforts of the Trustees, Volunteers and local businesses.

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