Leading property auction house reported to watchdog over ‘misleading’ listing

Barnard Marcus agrees to amend advert after member of public complains that details of land for sale were not accurate and could be misleading.

property auction

The auction arm of Barnard Marcus has been reported to the Advertising Standards Authority about a listing it published on its website prior to a public sale.

The legal requirements of property auction information, and the lower volume of properties sold through them mean that, while agents are regularly reported to the advertising watchdog, it is rare for an auction company to feature on the ASA’s lists of errant companies.

The only other property auction houses to be reported over the past three years are SDL Auctions and Auction House, whereas the number of agents runs to more than 300 including Purplebricks, which alone has been reported 11 times.

Plot of land

On this occasion a member of the public who saw an advert for a plot of land on the Barnard Marcus website believed it was misleading because it did not make it clear that the land could only be accessed by crossing someone else’s land on foot or on a tractor, and that the information about the land’s ‘permitted use’ was not accurate.

“We approached the advertiser and they provided their assurance the ad would be amended accordingly,” an ASA spokesperson says.

Barnard Marcus Auctions, which is part of the Sequence group of companies, is one of the largest auction operators in the UK.

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