Challenger portal promises ‘local dominance’ to agents after AI launch

Residential People says its new artificial intelligence-based service, to be launch in December, will be a game changer.


The battle of the challenger portal platforms continues following today’s announcement by Residential People that it will launch a revolutionary AI service in December that the ‘industry has never seen before’.

may portalPortal founder Chris May (left) claims that he will guarantee that any agent who uses the system will dominate their chosen patch within 12 months.

Called Nurturing Ai, the new tech has been co-developed with many of its 6,000 agents over the past two years and features machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, and is being developed by some of the UK’s leading tech engineers.

It aims to empower agents, working in harmony with them to share valuable data that will aid their sales journey, founder Chris May says.

“The AI platform has the ability to lead, score, and nurture potential home movers/sellers and landlords, making sure that agents data is utilised to its maximum potential,” he says.

“Gone are the days of blind advertising, and although door-to-door mail delivery and boards have their place, we want to take this to its next evolutionary step and give agents a better way of marketing their properties.”

stanton portalProptech expert Andrew Stanton, who seen under the bonnet of the system, tells The Negotiator that: “it will make each agent a dominant and known brand; the technology is agent-centric plugging them into the consciousness of local clients ‘doing property’.

“It’s a smart, powerful tool, that works on auto-pilot at a great price point”

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