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DCTR (previously known as Doctor Photo) is launching DCVR – a new virtual reality service, that will be a step-change in the way new-build properties are marketed online. Following recent investment and team expansion, DCTR believe their new CGI service will radically change the way both new build properties and estate agent brands are presented online.

Unlike traditional VR tours that rely on a physical property to be scanned and recreated as 360-degree hotspots, DCVR enables users to walk freely through a CGI model created from plans. Users can change materials, play music, watch videos, open Matterport tours and more, all within their virtual tour.

Link to Proptech featureAs well as property walkthroughs, Tom Durrant, Director, believes their other DCVR products will open up the way agents do business, build relationships and tell stories about their brand online. “Whilst our DCVR walkthrough is a great solution to selling a house that’s not been built, we can also create a Virtual Show Home and a Virtual Estate Agent Office too. So if you want your virtual marketing suite to be in a boat for your coastal development, or your office to be a castle, it’s all possible! With DCVR the only limit is your imagination!

“We can integrate communication features like Whatsapp, contact forms or Facebook Messenger but the real gamechanger is video call integration. This enables customers, agents and suppliers to meet in their own virtual office, show home or property as an avatar. When chatting, users can walk around freely and interact with the space…The video call feature makes Zoom look like a dinosaur.

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