Haslams sees deposit return times speed up with new deal

The agency started using The Depositary two months ago, and has seen a 50% reduction in the time taken to return deposits.

Haslams estate agency

Berkshire-based agency Haslams claims it has reduced tenancy deposit return times by over 50% since signing up with automated platform The Depositary two months ago.

Using The Depositary’s ‘end-of-tenancy’ functionality, senior managers at Haslams have been able to track deposit return times, and the success of deductions instantly across the entire business.

There was some initial scepticism that The Depositary could deliver faster deposit returns of just 14.5 days (the latest average by Depositary clients), Haslams says, which is approximately a third quicker than the national average of 22 days.

But deposit return times have reduced by over 50% to just 13.5 days, and one member of the team is currently returning deposits in an average of just nine days.

Importantly, as staff have become accustomed to the system and its benefits, they report that it doesn’t just return deposits faster, but saves them considerable amounts of work previously undertaken manually.

The results haven’t gone unnoticed by their customers either with at least one tenant already praising the process, in an online review.

Delays reduced
Kristjan Byfield, The Depositary

Kristjan Byfield, Co-founder of The Depositary, says: “Delivering these results in just two months is fantastic to see. By successfully adopting and embedding our platform within their business, Haslams has seen almost instant results in performance, job satisfaction and the consumer journey.”

Emily Taylor, Head of Property Management at Haslams, says: “Landlord and tenant satisfaction is a top priority for myself and the team here, we wanted to not only improve the process but also speed it up.

“Already we have already seen a reduction in the delays by 50%, and looking forward to maintaining that high level of standard.”

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