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De-stressing deposits

Lisa Isaacss
Link to Deposits feature

Lisa Isaacs looks at the latest developments and thinking around the most troublesome and time-consuming aspects of lettings – tenant deposits and inventories.

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It’s nice to share

Rebecca Marsh
Link to The Property Ombudsman

But it also can make for complications when a student sharer asks for the return of a deposit, as The Property Ombudsman, Rebecca Marsh explains.

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No deposit? No problem!

Richard Reed
Link to Tenant Deposits feature

The new ‘no-deposit’ schemes offer benefits to tenants, agents and landlords alike. Richard Reed reviews what’s on offer and asks how the traditional schemes stand up against them.

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Safe deposits

Lisa Isaacs
Link to Client Money feature

Agents are conduits when it comes to cash and in a market that’s gone from bubbling to boiling point, keeping money safe is of paramount importance, says Lisa Isaacs.

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Deposits are deposits!

Katrine Sporle
Money image

"Landlords complained that the agent used a deposit as rental payment. Further rent payments were missed and eventually the landlords won a possession order. However, says Katrine Sporle, The Property Ombudsman, they…

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