Leading inventories service and Reapit integrate for ‘faster check-outs’

Both platforms can now talk to each other digitally, enabling letting agents to access common data and complete inventories more quickly.


Inventories streamlining service Inventory Hive has integrated with Reapit via its Foundations platform, enabling letting agents who use both services to check tenants in and out of properties faster.

The integration is major coup for Inventory Hive, whose service will now be able to synchronise its data with the 180,000 tenancies that are completed via Reapit every year.

Inventory Hive uses tech to automate many of the tiresomely repetitive tasks required when completing an inventory, which will be made even quicker now that the two platforms can share data.

Real time inventories

“For example, it will allow – after the data is imported – for any changes on the Reapit platform to be mirrored and appear identically on Inventory Hive in real time,” says its CEO Rich Abbots, (pictured)

“This means when clients import properties with images, or import tenancies with tenants or any other type of update – if it is carried out via the Reapit CRM – these things will show up on the Inventory Hive site, or vice versa.

“Essentially, anyone on the Inventory Hive platform can install their add-on which will allow them to add a property, or a tenancy and it will appear immediately.”

Inventory Hive is already integrated into several property maintenance platforms including Fixflo and The Depository.

Reapit’s Foundations platform gives agencies the ability to customise and choose tools to expand their CRM software as they see fit, by either designing their own applications or installing apps from leading PropTech partners in the App Marketplace such as Inventory Hive.

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