Land Registry boss talks candidly about speeding up property sales

Each episode of a new podcast sees Land Reg's Deputy Chief Executive talk to industry leaders across the property sector about speeding up homebuying.

HM Land Registry

The Digital Property Market Steering Group (DPMSG), a collaboration between leaders across the property industry to speed up the homebuying process through digitisation, has launched Property with a View – a new podcast series shining a light on the inner workings of the property market.

Presented by Mike Harlow, HM Land Registry’s Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Customer & Strategy, each episode will see him talking with leaders and influencers from across the sector about the changes that are needed to speed up homebuying.


In the first episode – available on all podcast platforms and YouTube – Harlow and the Home Buying and Selling Group’s Beth Rudolf talk about the need for change in the property market, the existing efforts of the HBSG and how upfront information can support the transformation everyone is seeking.

Mike Harlow, HM Land Registry
Mike Harlow, HM Land Registry

Harlow says: “There is consensus across the property sector that the process of buying and selling residential or commercial property is unnecessarily complicated, opaque and stressful for all those involved.

“If information about properties was available immediately to all concerned and everything was handled digitally, it could speed up the property market and reduce the stress and risk of failed transactions.”

Digital Property Market Steering Group logoAnd he adds: “There has been some progress since the Land Registration Act 2002 was introduced with the hope that ‘e-conveyancing’, which it enabled in law, but the job of modernising the process has proved more challenging than envisaged and one that no single institution can achieve on its own.”


The second episode of Property with a View will be available next month.

Launched earlier this month, DPMSG founding members include The Law Society; The Conveyancing Association; Council for Licensed Conveyancers; The Society of Licensed Conveyancers; Solicitors Regulation Authority; Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors; Chartered Institute of Legal Executives; CILEx Regulation; Council of Property Search Organisations; Propertymark; The Building Societies Association; UK Finance and HM Land Registry.

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