Mega Mansion Hunters – Reality TV bluster or the future of UK estate agency?

Show's star Tyrone Ash is clear that his aggressive US-style commission-only estate agency brokerage is set to 'turn the industry on its head'.

tyrone nash mega mansions

The latest reality TV show is likely to have most prime market estate agents choking on their late-night snacks.

tyrone nashIf you haven’t seen it yet, then be prepared to have everything you believe in undermined, because Channel 4’s Mega Mansion Hunters, which features newbie estate agency owner Tyrone Ash (pictured) and his young team, is gunning for traditional agents.

The show, which aired at 10pm on Wednesday and is set to go again next week, is largely a long promotional video for Ash’s 18-month old hybrid agency, featuring light or no criticism of his model, which relies heavily on social media to find potential buyers.

For instance, little is said about the tedious details of agency such as AML identity checks, GDPR data sharing or annoying stuff like training or qualifications.

Instead, the programme claims agents need no experience to sell prime properties other than bags of confidence, a stylish wardrobe and be awed by the mansions and penthouses they sell.

But Ash, who plays a prominent role in the programme, has an axe to grind – he was rejected several times by a clutch of prime estate agencies – the programme suggests Savills, Goldschmidt & Howland, Chestertons and Foxtons – and he’s clearly out for revenge.


At several points during the programme the voice-over claims it’s sold £300m of property using just his phone and says that branches are for the ‘dinosaurs of the industry who just wait for instructions to roll in’.

The US-style Tyrone Ash Real Estate model is explained – his team, who only work on commission, tout via cold-calling among other agents’ listings, and several agents are filmed calling unannounced at posh addresses in Essex.

Agents then get half the 1.25% sales fee for the listing, and the other half if they introduced a buyer successfully, in competition with their colleagues.

Stepping out of his Lamborghini at one point, Ash sums it all up – “we’re turning estate agency on its head and other agents are shitting themselves”.

How much of this turns out to be true, and how much is reality TV bluster, remains to be seen.


  1. Given that young Tyron Ash or Tyron Ashraf, not sure why you would have two names, says £300M of property has been sold by his agents, that would equate to £3.75M of commission at 1.25%. Well done TA. But the company accounts of T Ash company reg 10559730 at companies house show cash at bank of 56,000 as of Jan 2021. And the Tyron Ash Estate Agency, with a website landing page which also has the same company reg site 10559730, does not seem to have any financials.

    Now it is a new venture and the enterprising TA may now trade as sole proprietor, or just not filed accounts for his new incarnation, but those millions must show up somewhere for sure, and when they do all will be revealed. Another model might be Vendors paying TA’s listing and selling agents direct and TA taking commission from them, again this revenue will show up in time.

    What TA is showing is that in the world of social media, anything is possible, and admire or not – his ‘brand’ is everywhere – and brands are everything.

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