Proptech giant Reapit teams up with anti-money laundering app

The CRM behemoth has unveiled a partnership with KYC and AML firm Thirdfort, which will join its well-known 'AppMarket'.

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Proptech firm Reapit has announced a partnership with know-your-customer and anti-money laundering app provider Thirdfort.

Thirdfort has joined Reapit’s ‘AppMarket ecosystem’ with its own app that will allow Reapit’s AgencyCloud customers to onboard clients quickly, with secure electronic ID and AML checks.

With Thirdfort estate and letting agents can choose from a basic PEP and sanctions screening, UK address match, and document verification, or opt for a more comprehensive electronic ID verification. The company’s ID and AML verification also helps agents comply with HMRC regulations.

Thirdfort works with more than 950 businesses to help them stay in line with the HMRC regulations, and now its Reapit AppMarket app offers a robust layer of support for Reapit customers to remain compliant with all required AML regulation.

Compliance burden
mark armstrong reapit
Mark Armstrong, Group CEO, Reapit

Mark Armstrong, Group CEO at Reapit, says: “I am very pleased to welcome Thirdfort as an App Partner on the Reapit AppMarket ecosystem.

“Thirdfort’s cutting-edge solution to automate ID and AML verification will enable our customers to save time and costs while ensuring compliance with AML regulations, and we are excited to see the benefits this app will bring to our users.”

Teddy Ludmer, Head of Partnerships, Thirdfort

Teddy Ludmer, head of partnerships at Thirdfort, says: “The compliance burden for estate agents is ever-growing, as evidenced by recent fines.

“This exciting partnership offers a solution: some of the UK’s top estate agents can now speed up their KYC and AML processes, enabling properties to be listed and sold more quickly.”

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