Big estate agency group rolls out material info platform across all branches

The rollout will include Coadjute’s digital property data pack and smart forms which help agents meet latest Trading Standards material information rules.

martin & co material information

The Property Franchise Group (TPFG) is rolling out its pilot of material information platform Coadjute across its network including Martin & Co after successfully trialing the technology across 12 branches over the last five months.

The rollout will include Coadjute’s digital property data pack capability and smart forms which are designed to help agents meet the latest National Trading Standards Estate and Letting Agency Team (NTSELAT) material information guidance.

Material information

Coadjute’s digital data solutions allow agents to access a range of data sources at the press of a button. Once the relevant data is sourced, it can then be transposed instantly to a range of property forms including PIQ, BASPI or TA6 and shared with the seller and conveyancer.

Over the past five months of the pilot, the solutions have saved the participating TPFG branches 25 minutes per transaction – around 39 working days. TPFG sees it as a key tool in helping their network and consumers speed up transaction times and cut fall-through rates.

Adam Noonan, TPFG material information
Adam Noonan, TPFG

Adam Noonan, TPFG Commercial Director, says “We’re delighted by how the Coadjute pilot performed and are looking forward to building on these results in future.

“We know that in today’s market, consumers are increasingly anxious about the whole process and by offering access to the Coadjute network, we can help to ease these concerns and offer a level of transparency around the process, whilst speeding up transaction times.

“Coadjute’s technology enables everyone in the property transaction a clear view of what is happening and when, thanks to the real-time connection.”

Glynis Frew
Glynis Frew, Franchise Training and Development Director, TPFG

Glynis Frew, TPFG director, adds: “TPFG is committed to delivering real and discernible value to our franchisees and their customers, helping them to win instructions and offer a best-in-class service that allows them to stand out from their competition.

“It takes more than great training and ongoing support to deliver outstanding service to our customers, we also need cutting-edge technology which is where Coadjute comes in.”

Dan Salmons, Coadjute
Dan Salmons, Coadjute

Dan Salmons, Coadjute Chief Executive, says: “When the team at TPFG came to us they were looking for a technology solution that could make a real difference for their franchisees and customers.

“Coadjute’s ability to pre-fill digital property data from multiple sources and enable it to be shared securely got great feedback from the start.”

Earlier this month The Neg revealed how Lloyds Banking Group, Nationwide, NatWest and Rightmove have made a £10 million investment into Coadjute to help the blockchain network revolutionise the homebuying process.

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