SHAMPLINA: This is why we need clarity on evictions for agents and landlords

TV star Paul Shamplina reacts to the news that Ministers have refused to give a date when Section 21 evictions will be banned.

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Undoubtedly, court reforms are necessary to ensure the system can effectively handle the increase in Section 8 proceedings resulting from the abolition of Section 21.

Without adequate preparation, there is a risk of overburdening an already strained legal system, leading to further delays and inefficiencies that could adversely affect both landlords and tenants.

In 2019 when the bill was announced my very words were ‘You cannot ban section 21 until we have clarity the courts can work, so landlords have confidence’.

However, what’s equally crucial is clarity and commitment from policymakers regarding the timeline for implementing these court reforms.

Landlords, as well as tenants, require assurance that any changes to the rental landscape will be accompanied by measures to streamline the legal process and provide timely resolution to disputes.

It’s important to recognise that the uncertainty surrounding the future of Section 21 has already led many landlords to sell their properties.

Shrinking pool

This trend ultimately impacts tenants by shrinking the pool of available rental properties, leading to increased competition and potentially higher rents.

In this context, a clear commitment to timely court reforms is not only crucial for landlords’ peace of mind but also for maintaining a healthy rental market that serves the needs of both landlords and tenants.

A transparent roadmap outlining the steps and timeline for court reforms would provide much-needed clarity to all parties involved, allowing landlords to plan accordingly, and ensure all parties have access to fair and efficient legal recourse.

In essence, while I agree that court reforms are necessary to accommodate the almost certain increase in Section 8 proceedings (approximately another 30,000 hearings a year), a clear commitment to when these reforms will be implemented is essential to provide landlords and tenants alike with the certainty and confidence they need to navigate the evolving rental market landscape.

Paul Shamplina is founder of Landlord Action and Chief Commercial Officer of Hamilton Fraser.


  1. Sadly Paul neither side of the House is listening to you or the professionals in the industry. Nothing is worse than talking to an idealist and that is what they have become. The situation for some excellent tenants is dire here at present with no movement on rentals and I see no improvement for at least the rest of the year.

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