REVEALED: The ‘best day of year’ to put a house on the market

The 1st July is predicted to be the day when the highest number of people will be searching for a new home, according to analysis by Alison Maclean and developer St Modwen.


Alison Maclean - St Modwen house on the market

It might be just three days before the General Election, but it seems Monday 1 July is the best day to sell a house, it has been claimed.

Analysis of Google search data by developer St Modwen Homes shows that date is predicted to be the day when most buyers will be searching for a new property.

The month of July is also forecast to see over half a million Google searches for terms relating to buying a house.

Risen dramatically

Searches including ‘how to sell your house quickly’ (+171%), ‘sell home quickly’ (+136%), and ‘fastest way to sell a house’ (+133%) have risen dramatically.

We know from our research that 1st July is the optimal time to put your house on the market.”

Alison Maclean, Head of Marketing at St Modwen (main picture), explains: “We know from our research that 1st July is the optimal time to put your house on the market.

“Aside from getting the timing right, there are plenty of fast and affordable improvements you can make to impress potential house buyers and accelerate the process.”

Little impact

Last week, Rightmove revealed that 95% of people said the election would not affect their plans to sell or buy a property.

And a change in government will have little impact on the home moving plans of the public as would-be movers were ‘determined to proceed’, the portal said.

Post-election boost

Rightmove’s analysis of year-on-year buyer demand changes around the 2015 and 2019 elections also show steady activity in the lead up to a vote.

In 2015, demand from buyers was consistent leading up to the election, and experienced a post-election boost in June when the annual change moved from a 9% increase to an 18% increase.

Similarly in 2019, demand remained stable across October and November, and saw an annual increase of 13% in the December election month, followed by an annual increase of 14% in January 2020.

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