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Will resi rise?

Andrea Kirkby
Safe house image

Property investment doesn’t appear to be the safe house that it used to be, says Andrea Kirkby, but is it still a better bet than other options?

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London property and Brexit

The Negotiator
Referendum 'stay' vote image

Whether the UK stays or leaves, it could be the best time to invest in London property, says Jonathan Werth, Director and Founder of LIFE Residential.

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Pension pot property


Revamped pension pot allowances will bring new investors to your door – but, says Jeremy Leaf, do you know what they need to know?

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Developing portfolios

Martin Totty image

Pitiful savers rates, rising rents and low cost mortgages are fuelling demand for buy-to-let investments, presenting agents with revenue making opportunities, as Marc Da Silva reports.

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