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Don’t stick to the routine

Nathan Emerson
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Nathan Emerson recounts the story of an impromptu training session at an agency, which taught the staff to understand… their training!

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New year, new start – new toys!

Nathan Emerson

What are you getting your staff for Christmas – a new app? CRM even? Nathan ‘Santa’ Emerson says you should choose their new toys very carefully.

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Sourcing an apprentice

Chris Stoker-Jones
Link to apprenticeship advice

If you’re constantly lamenting how hard it is to find good staff, this is the answer – get an apprentice, says Chris Stoker-Jones, of Catch22.

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Surviving the virus – Part 2

Adam Walker
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In the second of a series on surviving the COVID-19 crisis, Adam Walker outlines your next step – “and now for the difficult bit…”

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We mustn’t let COVID-19 affect training!

Frances Burkinshaw
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As regular readers of The Negotiator will know, says Frances Burkinshaw, I am a great proponent of specialised training for letting agents and landlords, however…

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Furlough and training?

Charlotte Jeffrey-Campbell
furlough and training image

Charlotte Jeffrey-Campbell, Director, The Able Agent, says, “We have had a number of questions relating to furlough and training, what does it all mean?”

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