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Agencies & People

Short cuts to success

Franchising opportunities image

Sheila Manchester explores the opportunities presented by franchises and similar business models.

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Housing Market

And was Jerusalem builded here?

No, not yet. The Government’s initiatives to build more homes on England’s green and pleasant land don’t seem to be working, says Andrea Kirkby.

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Is Pinterest of interest?

Pinterest screen shot image

Tracy Falke, PROPERTYdrum’s resident social media expert, says Pinterest is great for property people.

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Products & Services

Masters of all they survey

PROPERTYdrum asks the two leading surveyors’ organisations, RICS and RPSA, to put the case for what is often seen as an unwanted complication to selling houses.

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Regulation & Law

Is the Green Deal a good deal?

There’s a lot of chatter about how the Green Deal will impact on estate agents. Stephen O’Hara busts some myths.

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