Anyone for tennis? Hamptons buys agency that houses Wimbledon stars

Wimbledon Accommodation provides places to stay for current players and former champions during the London championship.

Hamptons has purchased an agency that provides luxury flats and houses to Wimbledon tennis stars during the annual championships.

Wimbledon Accommodation has supplied temporary homes for current players as well as former champions, and officials for the last 23 years.

Staff from TV and other broadcast companies are also looked after by the agency during the tournament held in July every year.

The acquisition will see owners, David and Janet Thurtell, work in close partnership with Hamptons between now and the end of the 2023 tournament. The couple will then continue to co-operate with Hamptons on a consultancy basis.

Since 1869

Catherine Westerling image

Cat Westerling, head of lettings at Hamptons, (pictured) said: “Hamptons has served its large and loyal customer base in the Wimbledon area since 1869, and already operates a strong short lets business from the local branch.

“The acquisition strengthens Hamptons short term rental business in Wimbledon, whilst offering customers of Wimbledon Accommodation Ltd access to an even wider choice of occupant and/or property through the championships via Hamptons 90+ branch UK network”.

Hamptons says the purchase is a one-off, but similar opportunities are always being looked at.

David and Janet Thurtell of Wimbledon Accommodation

Mr and Mrs Thurtell said, “With so many successful years letting quality property under our belt, we were careful to choose a partner organisation that we felt confident would maintain our high standards in future.

“Hamptons shares our values and ethos, and delivers the same personal and professional service that we have built our reputation upon. Having worked in the Wimbledon area for so long, we knew the Hamptons business well”.

Main picture: Wimbldeon Championships

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