Doorsteps to grow sixfold by next year, claims founder as he criticises education system

Akshay Ruparelia, who started his online agency while studying his A Levels, says schools are failing to give students an all-round education.

The young founder of online estate agency Doorsteps has claimed that his business is now turning over £1 million a year and that he expects the firm to reach a £6 million turnover by next year.

In an interview with The Mirror, the 21 year old has also said that his company now employs sixty people and that it has taken 1% of the sales market from traditional agents with its £99 sales offering.

Akshay Ruparelia, who started Doorsteps when he was still studying for his A levels, also told the newspaper that students who haven’t achieved their desired exam grades this summer should ‘not worry’.

Education standards

“Employers have become much more receptive to skill-sets and varied experiences; in some cases, prioritising this over your university degree,” he says.

“I think we need to change, culturally, away from the constrictions of a simple, monotone grading system and start to understand that we need to develop young, bright, well-rounded individuals – whether entrepreneurs or not.”

Said to be worth £18 million based on his business’ value, Ruparelia is well-known for making punchy claims for his online agency, now says his website is national and lists between seven and eight thousand properties a year.

This is backed up by the most recent report from The Advisory, which regularly publishes league tables for the online estate agency sector. Its data suggests that Doorsteps is listing approximately 140 properties a week, putting it someway behind Yopa and HouseSimple but a long way behind Purplebricks.

Read the interview in full.

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