Hayward and Quirk clash on radio over hiring of new Propertymark CEO

Mark Hayward breaks silence over his delayed departure and hiring of new Propertymark leader Tom Balcon.


Outgoing NAEA Propertymark boss Mark Hayward has spoken publicly for the first time following his decision to stay on at the organisation rather than retire.

knipeTalking during a radio phone-in show hosted by estate agent and DJ Karl Knipe of Kings Group (left), Hayward told listeners on London Greek Radio’s  property show that he was staying on to help new boss Tim Balcon ‘shape policy’.

He also said that although Balcon was looking at improving the membership offering agents get, “my access to government and industry experience means it was felt that during the transition period I might be of value”, said Hayward.

But he was also joined on the show by Russell Quirk (pictured), who quizzed him on why Propertymark has recruited a CEO with no property industry experience.

“I wasn’t involved in the recruitment process – that was the board,” said Hayward, who said nevertheless that Balcon was chosen because of his track record of running membership organisations across several industries.

Two bosses

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After the show, Quirk (pictured) was more scathing of Balcon’s appointment.

“Propertymark haven’t explained why member agents are now paying for two leaders on substantial salaries,” he says.

“Hayward has been retained to form policy but surely that’s part of a CEO’s job.

“If Balcon isn’t able to do that because of his non-property background, why hire him?

“Before Balcon arrived I said it would be a mistake to bring in a non-property person and lo-and-behold Propertymark have had to persuade Hayward to stay on to help get up to speed.

“I think Propertymark are increasingly in danger of looking irrelevant, mediocre and too often just invisible to the public and agents; it needs modernising, some teeth and its ‘old school tie’ image renewing.

“When was the last time you heard of a rogue agent being ejected from NAEA or ARLA?”.

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  1. Well it is Christmas but I find myself agreeing with Russell Quirk, the members of Propertymark pay annual fees, why pay two salaries? And why increasingly is all the power of the organisation filtering into the c-suite. Years ago this was an agents grass roots organisation, now it is a ‘top down/we do as we like enterprise’ which does little to help its increasingly disgruntled membership.

    As to Mark having great contacts inside government so too do other agency organisations RICS, The Guild, etc, but surely it is the role of Mr Balcon to take the mantle of CEO on immediately – and magically he will be plugged into this nexus of contacts. As after all – it is Propertymark that the government is interested in not an ex- CEO.

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