Kenny Bruce battles trolls over his support for Boris tax plan

Purplebricks' and Boomin co-founder sets Twitter afire briefly with his support for the Prime Minister.

kenny bruce

Purplebricks co-founder Kenny Bruce has become embroiled in a Twitter storm after pledging support for the government’s controversial plan to fund social care.

Posting on Twitter, Bruce, who’s also co-founder of property portal Boomin, backed Boris Johnson’s scheme to ease pressure on the NHS and social care system, tweeting: “Personally I feel this (government is) doing the right thing, first class public services and reform need paying for so asking everyone to pay a little more is the right thing to do.

“Good job Boris Johnson, I am sure the British public will support you.”

Many replying to his post questioned why the government wasn’t hitting wealthier earners harder. One responded: “Easy to say (when) no matter what he says doesn’t (affect) your lifestyle at all.”

Another said: “Spoken like a millionaire who is part of the band this impacts the least, wonder what you would say if it was an increase in tax rates for the rich above a certain income…something tells me it may not be as supportive.”

Bruce then tweeted: “Every country wants & needs first class public services and in order to pay for them governments have to be honest about taxation.

“We can’t continue build up debt so we have two choices, collect more taxes or compromise on the services. I hear you on the wealthy paying more, agree.”

Earlier this year, Bruce took some flack after it was revealed he had lobbied local politicians in support of council leader Anne Donaghy, who came under fire following the Brexit border checks controversy.

Local hero

But the businessman is considered a local hero in his family’s home town of Larne near Belfast after reviving its football club’s fortunes with the £6.4 million he earned from the sale of Purplebricks in 2018.

Bruce bagged an MBE in last year’s Honours List in part for his involvement.

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